14 Nov 2012

Kenetik - Mystic Air We Breathe

Sometimes by accident you can stumble upon something really unique. This is eqactly the case with me and this track. It is said that all the greatest inventions had been made by chance and I think this applies for music also.
To be brutally honest I was never before aware of Kenetik but fortunately that has changed as if by magic. I was really unsure at first but then it hit me. You don't need a degree in music to recognize sometnig really unique - I don't and claim to have quite a taste to be honest.

But back to the track. Frankly it's one of the most complex, well thought and arranged tracks I have heard lately. It kicks off softly with gentle violin and silky textures only to give up some room to acoustic guitar and confident kickdrum. At this time when you think it's just another fine, correct chillout track, the magic suddenly happens. Lush melodies accompanied by wobbly bassline emerge, and even more instruments are introduced alongside blissful vocal snippets, all together with addictional synths progressing into fullfilling, engaging track. I reckon Mr. Kenetik must have taken lots of music classes back in the day.

Everyone has his/her favorite track at a given point in time and at this moment I have found mine.