7 Oct 2010

Tea-Tronik - Wilder

Fresh and innovative track from Dublin based duo, Celsey and Monica, calling themselves Tea-Tronik, which came from their own name for their style - teatronica ("the kind of electronica you could listen to while
sipping on a nice cuppa, but at the same time could dance to too if you were drinking something a bit

TeaTronik combines live instrumentation and real world sounds such as trains, birds, rain and sounds of the city, with computer generated beats and synths to create a sound that is polyrhythmic,
atmospheric, melodic and organic. They fuse elements of trip-hop downtempo darkness with drum and bass
syncopation, electronica danceablity with folk lyricism and cinematic soundscapes to form a style that sounds
like neither genre.

"Wilder" connects Monica's sweet voice with all the elements above and it is truly almost impossible to put a genre on this one, but it really doesn't matter since it's an outstanding piece of electronic music. Tea-Tronik started by playing jazz and folk covers in Dublin restaurants but instinctively moved towards writing and producing original electronic music. They are now in the process of producing their debut EP. Don't forget to check more of their tracks on their SC page, meanwhile enjoy "Wilder" by Tea-Tronik: