11 Oct 2012

Stumbleine feat. Steffaloo - Fade Into You

I don't think I will ever get enough of Stumbleine's music. "Fade Into You" is yet another, after "Capulet" and "The Beat My Heart Skips", single from upcoming Spiderwebb album and with every track it's getting better and better.
Originally performed by Mazzy Star, Stumbleine gives "Fade Into You" a second life, leaving the original core of the track, but making it much more spacious and beautiful - the swaying 6/8 time signature is dramatically accented by syncopated heartbeat drums that land like love-struck meteors.  In exchange for the driving acoustic guitar strum of the original, we are treated to atmospheric, blurry electric chords that tug on our heartstrings just like Mazzy Star did in the 90s.