4 May 2011

Glasser - Mirrorage (Throwing Snow Remix)

Glasser is an alias of American singer Cameron Mesirow who has caught attention all over the world after releasing her first EP in 2009 for True Panther Records. Here is what Fabric and Guardian had to say about her singing and production skills after: "Blending layered ethereal sounds with her angelic voice, she sucks you into her world like a Siren. Check it out, and when your friends find out about her six months from now you can say, 'I told you so". Quite a recommendation I must say but there's absolutely nothing over the top in that sentence.

Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow is an arising bass-head star hailing from Bristol and he keeps proving his skills with every next production being better and better. He also produces as Snow Ghosts - collab between himself and Hannah Cartwright.

This merge could have resulted in nothing less than blissfully produced track and thats exactly what we get.