10 May 2011

Snobo - A Failure of Trust in the April Sun

Kinda unusual post for me, since I have never blogged about mixes other than my own, but this one, made by my good friend Snobo really caught my ear and heart. It's a great journey through deep broken beats with a lot of real instruments which is really important for me and really makes me wanna listen to such things. Listen to the mix and read below Snobo's personal comment about the origins of it and material included.

Genre: ambient dubstep

"A special, revised version of the mix "A Question of Trust in the April Sun", originally created for April radio show Rasols on Radio Naba, and which was automagically banned by SoundCloud by way of its splendid waveform analysis algorithms, which detected a track released by Rough Trade Records, the track that gave the mix its title and momentum.

I tried contacting Rough Trade asking their permission, but failed. Thus, here we are - "Failure" by Swans goes as a logical replacement of the banned track; and another one, also belonging to Rough Trade is swapped by a fresh tune by Dauwd. One interesting aspect of this story is that actually, when starting working on this mix, I left off exactly from "Failure" (From Failure to Lure, so to say) - and replaced it later because it sounded too doom... :) Two Swans tracks can be considered as a homage to one of my favorite bands ever, who's gonna shake speakers, walls and minds this Friday (13 May) in my home city...

Everything else in-between is the sound of the moment - deep dnb aka 170bpm music, post-step mutations, and new Hauschka (which is excellent and surprising all the way through). This mix can also be considered as a mini-feature for one of the leading deep bass labels, DubKraft Records, and especially for the most inventive producer in this area that I know - Terry Artovsky, whose trademark artful usage of orchestral samples is yet to be rivaled.

I also would like to point your attention to the magical voice of Suree - these tracks are not brand new or exclusives (by insiders' measures), but I can't care less - this is the case when my love for the tunes and the artist just keeps growing and growing. I think she has a secret channel to Wonderland - what might seem like a sweet sugary tender voice on the surface, imho conceals secret powers and transcendental visions, hidden in the details.

Another special point of attention is Macka (Matt McCormick) and the compilation "We Can Build You" by Broken Bubble collective he takes part in - an artist which never ceases to surprise me by his versatility and inventiveness."

1. Swans - Failure ("White Light from the Mouth of Infinity" 1991)
2. Gerwin & Suree - Lure (v/a „mystical deep”, Absys Records)
3. Terry Artovsky - The Rain („First Time In Space” EP, DubKraft)
4. Terry Artovsky - First Time In Space („First Time In Space” EP, DubKraft)
5. Terry Artovsky - Veryfied (Cinematic Bass Music Vol. 1 - Uptempo Edition, DubKraft)
6. Terry Artovsky - Angel's Trap (Adult Bass Music vol.1, DubKraft)
7. Rockwell - Aria („Aria” EP, Critical Records)
8. Gerwin & Suree - Movies (New year free tune | Gerwin)
9. Lokiboi - Deja Vu (Adult Bass Music Vol. 2 - Midtempo Edition, DubKraft)
10. Macka - Where Did You Go ("Piano Works", Broken Bubble)
11. Duskky & Macka - Chaturanga (Broken Bubble „We Can Build You”)
12. Hurtdeer - Katzenjammer (Broken Bubble „We Can Build You”)
13. Datacode - Upstream (Adult Bass Music Vol. 2 - Midtempo Edition, DubKraft)
14. Dauwd - Could it be (Pictures Music dub)
15. FaltyDL - Brazil (ft. Lily MacKenzie) („You Stand Uncertain”, Planet Mu 2011)
16. Hauschka - Two AM („salon des amateurs”, Fat Cat 2011)
17. Hauschka - Sunrise („salon des amateurs”, Fat Cat 2011)
18. Swans - God Damn the Sun („Burning World” 1989)

*The original mix can be found here