5 Apr 2011

Kähn feat. Jasmine - Altar

Title track from an EP coming from Bristol-based producer Joseph McGann. Being released by experimental Bristol label A Future Without, Altar EP sounds like deriving inspiration from great Bristol artists, Massive Attaack, Tricky or maybe even Portishead. It's hard to say what it is about Bristol, but some serious talents are born and raised there and Joseph is just another example.

What is interesting, Kähn not only proves himself as a producer, but also tries his ways as a vocalist, occasionally singing and most of the time rather whispering lyrics in first two tracks, “Stop Me Dead” and “Miss You When I’m Drinking”, both suspended somewhere between dream and reality.

"Altar", the title track, featuring Jasmine's voice derives from Bristol's past in an obvious way. The first half of the track is led by carefully picked guitar chords, spatial cello and whispy, haunting voices. It feels like this track could stay this way till the end, but the beat suddenly drops and Jasmine's charming voice kicks in, improved with some echoes effects to create a chilling masterpiece.

If you're interested, you can download Kähn's Floetry remix for free here.
The Altar EP can be bought in every bigger mp3 store and also directly from label's Bandcamp page.