18 Oct 2012

Smoothiesforme - Forbidden (Vaizo remix)

It's been a really long time since I wanted to post this track, not entirely sure why I eluded.
First things first. Vaizo is a Hungarian dnb producer, Smoothiestorme is an alias of 18-year old singer/songwriter Holly Drummond. "Forbidden" was put into a remix contest, there were almost 90 candidates, genres ranged from ambient to electro house, but my favorite has always been Vaizo's piece. Great, chilling dnb with Holly's sweet vocals - frankly I think dnb doesn't get deeper than this.

Somehow this track fullfills the pattern set by "The thinking man" - who knows, maybe it's the road to follow.

As a contest entrant, it's free for download (here), aswell as the original by Holly Drummond.