19 Oct 2012

TwoThirds feat. CoMa - Glimmer

Somehow nowadays it seems like the Internet hates dubstep music. As I can understand how that can be true in case of all the obscure, really wobble dubstepy-thingy, I still make an assumption it is because people just don't really know what dubstep is. TwoThirds is one of those who may actually change the perception of the music out there.
"TwoThirds (UK) - An EDM producer who has been making his particular brand of electronica for two years – not one to transfix himself on a particular genre, TwoThirds looks for inspiration in the midst of all manner of tempos and styles, and to his original musical passion – years of playing the guitar." 

The guitar riffs are actually the backbones of most of his tracks, which is quite different and not that common among dubstep, which in my mind makes his track special in some sort of way - very excogitated and perfected compositions. Deep, organic dubstep. Very engaging. 

The track releases tomorrow (20.10.2012) on Monstercat Media