10 Oct 2012

William Fitzsimmons - Goodmorning (Pink Ganter Remix)

It's not often you come across really intellingent, elaborated remix, which at the same time is very groovy and catches your ears immediately. William Fitzsimmons' heavenly voice was featured on origamitracks before with couple of equally good remixes, but that's just not enough.
"Goodmorning" comes from "Derivatives" - engrossing remix album, featuring Fitzsimmons' tracks from previous LPs . Usually when remixes emerge, one or two are good, but the rest doesn't really suit your tastes. Well, that's not the case here. You can breezily spin up the Derivatioves and enjoy at the same manner you would enjoy the original album. Personally I would only add NumberNin6's version to complete the charm, but maybe that's just me.

Pink Ganter brings one of the EP's highlights with his creation, bringing to mind Four Tet's stunning multi-instrumental remixes and original tracks. Besides "Goodmorning", Ganter made one more remix for Fitzsimmons - "So this is goodbye".