27 Mar 2013

Mikky Ekko - Pull Me Down (Emperor Remix)

Uprising drum'n'bass producer Emperor brings a throbbing, heavy-hitting rework of Mikky Ekko’s magnetic ‘Pull Me Down’.
Leaving the clammy effects in tact, Emperor adds electro shocks of glitchy effects,
wiping away the wholesomeness of Ekko’s original and replacing it with curious piano key heartbeats, auto-tuned vocal pleas, and dripping R&B basslines. This remix goes miles away from his own productions, which only proves his credentials as a all-around electronic producer.

It's a really unique track this, I am especially in love with the auto-tuned vocals, which give the track even more unique envelope. One of those that just stick on your playlist for a very long time.

If you are curious of the original piece, you can check it out at Origami TV.