23 Sep 2010

Air - All I Need (byDesign Rework)

For my first post here I have decided to pick one of the tunes that has seriously caught my ear last couple of days, made by extraordinary production collaboration byDesign. It consists of soundcloud's downtempo edits superstar Matthew Kyle and his production partner, hiding himself behind his initials, B.L. Matthew is actually responsible for first ever OrigamiGuestmix, which can be found here. Each one individually and both together deliver some of the best downtempo vibes nowadays, at least for me.

Thats for the starters, now lets get to the point, which is the remake of a timeless Air classic. The original is an extraordinary piece of music itself, but byDesign guys managed to make it even better by giving it an additional jazz parts from another version of this tune along with some rearrangements, keeping the original (amazing) bassline and chopping the vocals, leaving only the sexiest parts and groans. All this results in timeless remake of timeless classic, track you want to play your friends and get back to innumerable times. It's a great example of what happens when a true classic gets into hands of a producer with great ear for deep and warm vibes, creating something magnificent. That puts the M.K. & B.L. duo on the top shelf of my favorite producers, not only from SC. Check out the tune yourselves and give your own opinion: