28 Sep 2010

Ghostpoet feat. Rox - To Something

Many people in the past have made the same thing as Mr.Obaro Ejimiwe aka Ghostpoet - take well known track and add their own vocals to the composition. I cannot however recall many examples when this procedure worked as well as in this case. "To Something" is a cover of Four Tet's track "She Just Likes To Fight" from one of the best albums this year, "There Is Love In You". The blend of Ghostpoet's relaxed verses and Four Tet's production skills is simply amazing and the up-and-comer Rox completes the charms with her great voice. I hope Obaro invited her to sing on his upcoming album on Brownswood Recordings, cause this duo has an enormous potential.

Check out the song, it's absolutely beautiful, you can download it for FREE here. And as you're on it, Brownswood Recordings released his new EP, "The Sound Of Strangers", containing four tracks, three original compositions blessed with playful prose, one remix of A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Electric Relaxation (Relax Yourself Girl)’ and a feature from left-leaning pop mastermind Micachu. Also available for a free download from Ghostpoet's bandcamp page. It's a great foretaste of his album, which I simply cannot wait to hear...

Back to the topic, here's Ghostpoet feat. Rox - To Something: