11 Oct 2010

Dabrye - D-town Tabernacle Choir


I've known Tadd Mullinix's aka Dabrye work for a very long time, but been a massive fan of his just since not long ago. It has all changed the moment I've heard his "One/Three" album and it got me for good. Dabrye doesn't ring a bell? I'm pretty sure even if you have never heard OF him, you have probably heard him. Just listen to this track to prove my point:

Sounds familiar? It was used couple of years ago in the Motorola Razr V3 commercial (no product placement, just to refresh your memory). This track is a perfect example of Dabrye's style - best known for head-nodding beats with saw-tooth bass lines and a keen eye to forward-thinking production.

"Hyped Up Plus Tax" comes from the previously mentioned "One/Three" studio album, his first, and many say best ever released. I agree with this only partially - yes, it's a great album (don't mistake with random tracks putted together just to create enough material to release it on a CD), but the next one, "Instrmntl" also blew my mind away, at least most of it.
The thing with Mr. Mullinix for me is he should stick to instrumental, experimental tracks, not going into pure hip-hop with rapped verses, because this sort of merge just doesn't work for me. Of course there will be people who say his vocal tracks are also extraordinary, which I'm in no position to deny, that's just my subjective opinion.

Here are two more tracks coming from both, first and second album, extract from what I think Dabrye has best to offer: