12 Oct 2010

Phaeleh ft. Soundmouse - Afterglow

I have first came across Phaeleh's music while listening to his outstanding Afterglo 0.01 mix, which features tracks taken from his highly anticipated debut album "Fallen Light" coming out 25th this month on Chemical Records. From the first moments of the mix you just know there is a seriously talented producer behind it and while it progresses just strengthens you in that conviction.

So what is Matt Preston's music all about? He's a classically trained musician and electronic sound scientist. His diverse influences resulted in an equally diverse musical output, ranging from the euphoric heights of Nordic electronica through cinematic breakbeat to the depth charges of Dubstep. A diverse range of influences results in an equally diverse musical output which can range from disturbing bass lines and heavy Dubstep/Jungle beats, perfect for the rave, to the more soulful, restrained tracks incorporating a variety of sound sources and vocal style.

"Afterglow" is my personal favorite, combining sweet vocals from Soundmouse with greasy bassline and great production, combined developing splendid soundscape, ideal for afternoon or weekend walks with sun in your face and smile on it...