29 Mar 2011

Origami 014

Genre: chillout, dubstep, modern classical

Another part of Origami series, the deepest and most experimental music journey into the depths of smooth atmospheric beats spiced up with classic inserts yet.

Many music styles I have worked with during the year, my current music tastes changed a lot, but Origami 014 combines most of the ideas I had through the year, but never used them.

It was supposed to be double special, so I wanted to make it most chilling mix yet, and not particularly modest speaking I think it is. With the previous Origami I have said it was an experiment, but this one goes way further than an experiment in my opinion, there’s really no easy way to explain what I’m talking about, you just have to listen to it and make your own mind.
I’m really curious about your opinions, if you fancy such experiments or not.

1. Cato - Om Du Tar Slut Idag [Adrian]
2. Dominic Ridgway - Smack City [unreleased]
3. First Aid - Delusive Notion [unreleased promo]
4. Burial - Fostercare [Hyperdub]
5. Physical Illusion - 1945 [unreleased]
6. Ilya Wazuhiru - Enjoy The Silence (Mario’s Version) [unreleased]
7. Kangding Ray - Apnée [Raster Noton]
8. Omnimotion & I Awake - Rebooting Daisy [Aleph Zero]
9. Commix - Be True (Burial Remix) [Metalheadz]
10. Aligning Minds - Tee-Child [Aleph Zero]
11. Apparat - Wooden [Shitkatapult]
12. Nils Frahm - Said and Done [Kning Disk]
13. John Williams - Wild Signals (CEOTTK Soundtrack) [Arista]
14. Arandel - In D#6 [Infiné]
15. Baths - Rain Smell [Anticon]
16. Digit All Love - Szukam Cie [Mystic]
17. Jacaszek - Orszula [Gusstaff]
18. Asa - Leave The Light On [unreleased]
19. Kiln - Hong [Ghostly International]
20. Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider - PNTPS 4 [Karaoke Kalk]
21. Helios - Fourteen Drawings [Unseen]
22. Fill - Never Again [unreleased]
23. Eleven Tigers - Before [unreleased]
24. Altair - Outsider Looking In [Aleph Zero]
25. Helios - Hope valley [Unseen]