17 Apr 2011

Emmanuel Santarromana & Orfeo - Opera

Writing about this tune "classic" wouldn't be misleading in any way for two reasons - it's a bombshell track for sure, but in this case word classic can also refer to the vocals, sang, as the title points, in a opera manner.

The track comes from the "Metropolitan" album, and it's a rather pleasant and refreshing release. The whole concept of the LP is very unusual yet brilliant - each song describes and gives a view of one Paris tube's station.
I've never been to European's capitol of love myself so I don't know the tube there, but listening to this album makes you think of it as a well known place.

There's really no better recommendation for this track than a single listen - it's like a drug, you hear it once and want more and more. Perfect blend between electronic and a classic approach for the music.

Listening to this track instantly brings to my memory an extraordinary beauty from the past, not even close electronic music, but still, every second of it is worth recommending here - Damien Rice - Eskimo - best usage of operatic arias I've ever heard.

And here is the sound notation of the second station from Paris' underground: