20 Oct 2010

Rodriguez Jr. - Lila ((Rodriguez Jr. Bamako Mix)

Rodriguez Jr. is a man who has been fighting his way to the top over last few years, and it surely paid off - booking all over the world, releases in labels like Mothership, Boxer and most recently the great Mobilee. All this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for his unique, on of a kind style.

He's a very universal artist, although he has been focusing his work around techno, tech- house and such. What's characteristic for him is that his tunes, even if it's a deep, dark techno, they always are incredibly harmonic and melodic and the story is no different with "Lila". EP under the same title was one of his first releases, back in 2008 and got him quite an attention as a producer worth having your ear on. Over a year after the intentional release Boxer Recordings pressed a remix EP, containing two great remixes (Kollektiv Turmstrasse's and Rodriguez Jr's rework). "Bamako Mix" is my personal favorite among all of his tunes - deep as no other and groovy like nothing before or after. It's really hard not to fall in love with this one, especially that it just takes one play. These warm claps together delicate snares, accompanied by an outstanding melody as a final result give a perfect warm tune for relaxing and, what traveling. Just put this on your player or radio while driving or commuting and see how miles are just passing by, creating a desire to simply put your foot down, and if you're stuck in traffic, just observe the arising smile on your face...