7 May 2011

Trifonic - Lies

Trifonic is brothers Brian and Laurence Trifon, a San Francisco based electronic act that seamlessly fuses experimental production wizardry with beautiful melodies and traditional song structures to craft music that is simultaneously unexpected and accessible. On their 2008 debut album Emergence, Trifonic combines elements of downtempo electronica, IDM, post-rock and classical music to create a deep, lush musical experience distinctly their own.

Coming from the album, aswell as my previous post about them, "Lies" is an outstanding chillout ballad with vocal cooperation from Amelia June, frankly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life, perfect merge between electronic and eclectic. The best description won't even begin do convey what is this track about so the best recommendation I can possibly give is just listen to it and I guarantee you'll fall in love instantly.

As a bonus free short remix by Livingstone, equally good as the original: