24 Nov 2010

Silent Mind - Vortex (Halfstep Edit)

                                                                                                                                                                        Photo: re4mado

Amazing chillout track from Silent Mind, dubstep producer from Russia.
I really shouldn't say dubstep producer, cause judging by his SC page, he's interests and production skills transgress way beyond just one music style, but the common denominator for all of them is their warmth, ear-pleasureness and great composiotion. 

That's about the man behind it, so what about the track itself? I would most likely describe it as a dark chillout - combining elements of classic chillout style, dubstep and IDM with some very interesting sound layering and obscure, melancholic vocals, which, if you ask me, resemble Apparat's "Komponent", especially those from Telefon Tel Aviv's remix (at least that was my first association after listening to this track). Nevertheless, that's really not important, what's important is that this is a great chillout track, ideal for grey and indifferent evenings, just like those we're having right now (at least here in Europe).