28 Oct 2012

Hiatus - Change Up EP

For unknown reason i've been trying to write about this EP for quite some time now, not really sure what kept me off it all this time. Cyrus Shahrad (Hiatus) must be one the most exciting arising stars on the electronic scene. His style needs to be described as a chillwave electronic with sometimes engrossing beats, sometimes sharp, sometimes obscure, but almost every time exceptional. Vocals are another of his strong points and that stands to originals aswell as to the remixes.
I was really struggling to choose which tracks of him to put up here, eventually decided on Change Up EP, cause I really wanted to pitch at least few tracks to give a vast showcase of Hiatus' style. And a vast style it is! Every track on the self-release oscillates around different genre: the intitled "Change Up" (official video here) is a really beautiful, chillout track with soft piano pads, "Book of Prayer" sounds a bit closer to the drum'n'bassy stuff and finally there is my personal favorite - the track that really won me to write about this EP. "Flickering" starts off as some sort of a track you might have heard back in the 90's with racing synths followed by remoted vocal bits, gently changing into genuine vocal song with transient synths throughout.

Genuinly beautiful release, the collaboration with Smoke Feathers really turned out great, especially considering the vocals, which remind me of Peter Gabriel's voice everytime I hear them.