11 Nov 2011

Origamitracks is a blog/website created with and for love in music, dedicated to bringing some of the most intelligent and complelling sounds out there, covering genres like chillout, chillstep, dubstep, d'n'b - anything that is a feist for your ears.

Little site guide:

Podcast -  all of the origami mixes that gave birth to this place on the web. Every one is different but equally mild.

Origamix series - collection of mixes made exclusively for origamitracks by people who were an inspiration or were inspired by.

Mixes - things that I like to listen to in the evenings or while commuting and are worth sharing.

Radio - the name really speaks for itself. Things that have been featured here/favorites

You can find OT on soundcloud, facebook, twitter, official.fm or RSS for regular updates.

Big thank you for tuning in.