20 Mar 2013

Tom Day - Echoes

Have you ever caught yourself listening to some song and wondering if it is a sad or happy song? In my case it has occurred and it was this track that made the puzzlement.

When it starts you think to yourself "ok, some another end-of-sad movie track", but yet then it starts evolving, the skittering beat kicks in, leading cello (brilliant in my mind) fades out  and makes some room for violin chords leading the action, backed by the very same cello in the process and the ever present circular piano lead. Somewhere there at the back of your head also resonated something resembling some vocal chops, but that may just be the way this tracks affects you.

To sum up, Melbourne-based Tom Day works hard messing with your head via this track and I must say it really works out - I don't think it gets much more intriguing than this.

Whole album (or rather tunes compiled together) available here for $5.