21 Jun 2011

Emancipator - Remixes

In my previous post I have obligated myself to write more about Douglas Appling and I intend to keep that promise. The timing is not incidental cause today "Remixes" album was brought to daylight.

The compilation comprises songs from both Emancipator's albums, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough &  Safe In The Steep Cliffs. All the remixers were hand picked by Emancipator himself and he also did one remix for the "Black Lake" track.

Generally the compilation hands very high level, every track is slightly different, representing various music styles, but every time keeping the original backbone. There are few highlights for me, starting with the very first track, by Nym, slowly developing from instrumental piece to unveil it's full beauty in the second half. Then we go to a stunning "Rattlesnakes" remix by saQi - keeping the original structure with the indispensable violin and groove, adding some claps and synths, but the real bombshell in this track are the additional accordion and guitar samples (also some jazzy trumpet in the process)...

I strongly recommend the whole album, all the artists have done tremendous job, adding their personal tastes to well known and produced tracks. The best part is the whole album can be yours for only $10!