21 Mar 2013

Uppermost - Different

Lately music styles have been juggled around here, so let's juggle some more. No names, no genres, just yet another amazing piece of music.
Bahdad Nejatbakhshe who goes by the name Uppermost (we should really thank him for that, cause obviously his name doesn't go easy on the tongue) hails from France's capital and produces rather unique electronic beats. "Different" comes from One album, released on Upwind label, which is one of them complexed albums - genres range from chillout through indie to electro house. Beatport classifies "Different" as electronica and let's just stick to that.

We like these kind of tracks here - steady 4x4 beat with some rather nice vocal chunks backed by very elaborated main theme which progresses nicely into... progressive electro?

No idea, but love the confusion and I reckon you'll love it aswell.

In some weird way it brings M83 - Midnight City to my mind. I guess there's something really unique but yet similar about French electronic music.