1 May 2013

Pilotpriest - Master Control Program Mix

A Tron-inspired mix mixed by Pilotpriest.

In celebration of the release of TRON: Legacy, Toronto's NOW Magazine commissioned Pilotpriest to make a mix illustrating many of his shared influences with the film and its scorers Daft Punk and this is what happened.

Great mix, amazing journey.

1. Intro: Excerpt from St.Luke's Passion - Krzystof Penderecki
2. Body Double - Pilotpriest
3. The Son of Flynn - Daft Punk
4. Night Beat - Thomas Bangalter
5. Thief - Pilotpriest (unreleased)
6. Armoury - Daft Punk
7. Le petite fille de la mer - Vangelis
8. Streets of Fire - Pilotpriest (unreleased)
9. Solar Sailer - Daft Punk
10. Excerpt from Reqiuem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano - Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
11. Hot on the Heels of Love - Throbbing Gristle
12. Manhunter - Pilotpriest (Yongeblood Remix)
13. Creation du monde - Vangelis
14. The Black Hole (theme from MTV) - Pilotpriest (unreleased)
15. End of Line - Daft Punk (Greetings Programs Remix)

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