14 Oct 2010

Cocorosie - Werewolf

Duo established by Brooklyn-based sisters, Bianca (Coco) and Sierra (Rosie). They were voted one of the 20 most influential artists last decade, and frankly, listening at least to this one track, it's hard not to see why. Wikipedia specifies their music style as a blend of styles like indie rock, trip-hop or dream pop. It can be roughly described as evocative, emotive, and chalk full of insightful and intuitive lyrics...

Girls are not afraid to experiment with their sound, putting toys sounds into their tracks for example. Their first album, "La Maison de Mon Rêve" was created in Sierra's bathroom (!) in Paris, where both girls were studying and later focusing on music.

"Werewolf" comes from their fourth studio album, "The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn", containing most trip and hip-hop elements from them all, but their unique, innovative style was maintained in this case also. Liquid dub, trip-hop, d'n'b - these are just a few from the genres that come to your mind while listening to this track. How does it work for you? Check it out yourselves:

And as long as we're on Werewolf, I also strongly encourage you to give a listen to the Omega's dubstep refix of this one. He has left the vocals untouched, gave it a massive bassline and slightly glitchy, wobbly character. As his tries to release it officially did not succeed, you can download this pearl for free here, and here is the audio: