14 Oct 2010

Nicolas Jaar - WOUH

Although this man is only 20 I think he needs no introduction - he has made his way into public awareness massively this year, thanks to releases like "Time For Us", "Mi Mujer" or earlier my beloved "El Bandido". Despite his age, he was signed to Wolf+Lamb Music, Circus Company or even BPitch Control (remix for the label's owner, Ellen Allien's "Flashy Flashy")

At the age of fourteen he got a Christmas present from his father -  "Thé Au Harem D'Archimède" LP by Ricardo Villalobos, which he describes today as "the sexiest piece of music he has ever heard" and it really got him into electronic beats, and it got him good. Since then, after 6 years of production and 3 from his debut, it's hard to describe his style. He blends electronic music with Ethiopian jazz and South American rhythms, but refuses the ethno-techno tag. His incredible ear for good production and experiments with sounds and samples guarantees him interest from music labels, music lovers and of course fans all around the globe.

"WOUH" comes from “Love You Gotta Loose Again” EP which will be released on 18th October on Double Standards. As for now, it's his mellowest and how himself calls it "moodiest" production. As always when his tunes concerned, we deal here with nice synths and rather pleasant pianos, which catch your ears in most of his tracks, assisted by some vocal moans, all shrouded in obscure layer, creating a true feast for your ears.