3 Apr 2011

Eleven Tigers - Memory Palace

With everyone’s eyes turned on him after the mindblowing debut album “Clouds Are Mountains”, Jokubas Dargis, widely known as Eleven Tigers, meets all the expectations with his upcoming album’s highlight track “Memory Palace”.
Although the new album is planned for release for march 2011, “Memory Palace” has been pleasing ears of fans all around the globe for almost 6 months now with help from the official 11T’s SC account. 
Last week I had the luck and pleasure listening to Jokubas playing live on Ambientalny Festival in Wroclaw, Poland and that was an immense experience since the material played consisted of unreleased tracks from next year’s album and some of the well known tracks arranged live in a new, astonishing way. Seeing all festival dancing to Eleven Tiger’s deep modern electronic music - priceless.