20 Jun 2011

Jumpel - Edinburgh

Jo Dürbeck aka Jumpel released Europa album last year on Hidden Shoal Recordings and that's where the Edinburgh track comes from. The inspiration for the album came from countless travels around Europe, each track on the LP is called after different European city and conveys it's vibe. "Edinburgh" is an exercise in elegance and restraint, filling out the shadows and backstreets with ennui. Melancholic piano chords carry the track forward while electronic texture’s weave amid Chloë March’s luminous lyrical play.

I could write about this tune endless verses, but I think it's bests just to listen to it, develop your own opinion, which, I assume would be similar to mine.

Wanted  to post the audio for this track but decided to throw the official music video, cause I think it goes really really well with the track and so you could find out for yourself...