19 Jun 2011

Asa & With Joyful Lips - Saṃsāra EP

Not really a review, more like a teaser since this EP is still in a shadow waiting for a sign-up, tentatively scheduled for a release in December following year. Although the full tracklist and all the tracks are ready, only  few of them were brought to the daylight via Asa's SC page.

First one is Melatonin by With Joyful Lips, Asa's version, called dimethyltryptamine remix. It's a serious head-nodder, mainly thanks to a drilling bassline, slight guitar riffs combined with some rather pleasant vocal moans and very unique organic sampling (partly used also in Omen track).

Second one, that occurred  nearly a month ago is the two gentlemen collaboration "Françoise". The title suggests you could expect some French vocals of any sort, instead you get carefully evolving track with top shelf, restless synths, giving the composition really nice tone.

The last one I'd like to point your attention to is my personal favorite (judging by the amount of listens not only mine). It's called "Forgotten" and for me the title is an insolent provocation cause once you hear it, it's rather impossible to throw it out your head. The composition itself lays on sounds characteristic for Asa's productions and incredibly beautiful violin, rolling throughout the whole track. Somewhere around the middle relaxed vocals kick in, and if you ask me, I'd say it's Ghostpoet performing them. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just someone with similar voice and manner, maybe I'm right. Doesn't really matter, what matters is it's a great track and those vocals just make it more intriguing.

Unfortunately all of those tracks are only previews, like I said the EP is not even signed yet, at least now you know it's worth to wait for it to come out.