18 Jun 2011

Stumbleine - All For Your Smile EP

Artwork: Przemek Blejzyk

I have mentioned this couple of times by now but will say this one more time - Bristol is a magic city music-wise. There's just something about the mood out there that just inspires dwellers to create some of the best and most sophisticated sound you could imagine...

Rather recently I have discovered this mysterious chap going by the name of Stumbleine. There's really nothing in the web you could find out about this artist except his music and I accept that - "let the music speak for itself". Sounds familiar? Everyone knows certain Mr that kept his identity hidden for a very long time despite being one of the most popular underground artists (Burial ofc) and I think history might be repeating cause we may be facing talent as big as Burial's. His music certainly says so.

"All For Your Smile" is really a perfect title for this EP cause every single one of the tracks included generates huge smile on your face. The entirety is kept in a downtempo fashion but thats the only similarity between the tracks - each one is slightly different, representing different emotions, but the common factor always stays the same - each one is absolute delight to listen to.

Starting from "Lunar" with, if I'm not mistaking, vocal samples coming from Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" which I like more that the original (sure thing I guess), through sublime "Wasted Summer" (Rihanna this time?) and "Aliceband" all the way to cheerful "If You" and my personal highlight "Light Sleeper", this EP is a remarkable journey abounded in beautiful sounds.

I happen to know Mr Stumbleine is currently collaborating with Asa and the fusion of two such big talents must result with a true bomb. As for the EP, you can buy it via Stumbleine's bandcamp where you can voluntarily offer the amount you're willing to pay, not lower than ₤0.50, but let's face it - it's worth much much more and I hope the ridiculously small price will discourage anyone thinking about downloading it from the web - don't be cheap, support an effin great artist!

Download here