6 Jul 2011

Eleven Tigers - 111

It has finally arrived, new Eleven Tigers album, heavily avaited and anticipated. Founded by charitable donations coming from fans all over the world, as it was with the previous album, sets new standards electronic music-wise.

I was lucky enough to listen to Eleven Tiger's live performance last year, containing tracks coming from 111 and the impression was tremendous. Bass rolling through your head, beautiful vocals driving the crowd into slight ecstasy, rhythms causing legs to dance themselves...

I am widely aware it's not an easy music to recieve,something between dubstep, electronic, glitch and chillout, but once you give it a chance it really grows on you, finding it's way to personal favorites. Especially the beautiful vocal tracks like "Night", which I think is my favorite on the LP, "Love" or stunning "Light", which is a final version of "Memory Palace", brought to daylight several months ago, now mastered, with some additional pads, samples and piano works, all together making it even better than the original.To be honest I didn't even think it was possible, but yet here it is - Eleven Tigers made his way to the public by creating tunes standing outside the comon box and he keeps doing that, surprisingeven more  with every next project.

Since the album was financed by true fans, it can be now distributed for free, or of course any amount you'd like to donate. For ₤15 you can get a very limited version of the album, coming with a custom USB flash drive and an access to exclusive members area containing goods like 111 documentary and unreleased album tracks.

Also there is a 111 video from the album's opening party that took place in march.

Have fun listgening and watching, and of course, support the great artist.