21 Mar 2013

Alps Cru - Just Can't Explain

Well, the day has finally came - first ever hip-hop track on origamitracks.
Obviously  this is no ordinary track and although it is almost 17 years old, I think it's better sounding than 90% of modern rap/hip-hop music.

Alps Cru was founded in 1992 as an underground hip-hop crew and sadly, they stayed underground till this very time. I mean I can be mistaking bout that since I am no expert as far as HH in concerned, I'm not even a big fan which in my mind makes this track double special.

Released as a part of 12" vinyl maxi-single (alongside all alone) brings a great, head-nodding beat with nicely chopped and scratched vocal chunks making great background for some fine, very melodic verses provided by P da Wicked and Shorty Live. If anyone asks me and I know no-one does, I'd say such track represents everything that is nice about HH and frankly what is missing with nowadays tracks, but yet again, I'm no expert so maybe I just don't dig deep enough to access such music.

Anyway, it chills nicely, is very pleasant for the ears so fits very smoothly into origamitracks agenda. Btw, it's one of these rare cases, where the instrumental mix works as fine as the original.

Alps Cru everybody!