21 Mar 2013

Jakwob - Fire

James Edward Jacob, better known to the world as Jakwob just got his commercial break not that long ago, when back in 2009 his remix for Ellie Goulding's Under The Sheets got picked as  Zane Lowe's "hottest record in the world"
As far as his recent work is concerned, I must say I'm not such big of a fan, but showbiz has it's own rules - if the radio stations will play it (besides BBC radio 1 obv) then it's all god.

"Fire" dates way before the commercial remixes and sweet dubstep-thingies, and it is not only my favorite Jakwob track (maybe it's because it is completely different to any of his other work), but one the most beloved drum'n'bass tracks to date. 

A true banger - there is messing around, it cuts straight to the case. And the case in massive.