28 Oct 2010

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Facing The Sun

Most people when hear the name Kalkbrenner they instantly think - Paul. This can soon be changing thanks to his younger brother, Fritz, who has made his own name in the past as a vocalist and now proves his skills as a producer.

He started to build his name as a vocalist by collaborations with names like Alexander Kowalski, Monika Kruse, Sascha Funke and finally with his older brother while recording a soundtrack to "Berlin Calling" movie, where Paul played the lead part and is responsible for the whole OST (if you haven't heard it by now, hesitate no longer), from which the "Sky And Sand" piece with Fritz on the vocals became a bigger thing that most of the people expected, topping the charts in many European countries. After that, Chopstik & Johnjon signed Fritz to their label Suol, where he released so far 3 EPs and his debut album "Here Today Gone Tomorrow", from which comes "Facing The Sun".

Or does it? To some this track may sound familiar and there's a very good reason for that. Instrumental version, called "Wingman" was released on Fritz's first ever release on Suol, almost exactly a year ago. As the man says himself, he "just couldn't resist recording some vocals on top. If you liked “Wingman“, you will love “Facing The Sun" and boy, he is right. Excellent organic production coloured with delicate guitar riff and spiced up with great lyrics...

I've been stuck on this track for more than a week now, listening over and over again, not seeing the end. I'm struggling to find any other words so I just stick to the first expression that comes to my mind and doesn't want to leave - pure perfection.