25 Oct 2010

Karim Abousleiman - Zipped & Skipped / Black Ribbon

Karim Abousleiman comes from Lebanon's capitol, Beirut and composes cinematic Orchestral music for movies and electronic music for fun and boy he does it good... He says about himself he's still young and has a lot to learn, but by listening to those two of his newest tracks you can find out yourselves he has already learned immensely lot.

Let's focus for a second on "Zipped & Skipped" - 6 minutes track that even Portishead, Massive Attack or Mandalay wouldn't be ashamed of. I mention Portishead not without a reason cause Bristol's top band influences are rather clear if we consider the jazzy, calm vocals by Lynn Abousleiman (name similarity is not accidental - this must be truly music-talented family) and sounscaping melodies created with both, analog instruments and organic synths - orchestral works for movies really paid off. Despite his age, Karim with this track proves his music maturity and great sense for just the right ingredients of a good track (killer analog guitar bassline in particular is worth mentioning).

The story with "Black Ribbon" is a bit different, purely instrumental piece, and that goes by only if we don't consider field recordings from crowded café somewhere in Lebanon as vocals. As far as I'm concerned, this mumbling is a really nice touch, gives this track some sort of "industrial" feeling, deepened by occasional hihats. The composition of this track is something rather unique - in the first half we can hear the basic kick drum with soundscaping synths, whereas in the second half we hear the all-natural piano lead, which just assures you that you were taken on a trip to a crowded, full of smoke place with a band emerging from the fog somewhere in the corner, playing just for you....

I'm hoping we will hear about this young lad sometime in the nearest future, when he surprises us with his great production ideas some more.

Both tracks can be bought here. (don't be cheap, support the arising talent)

Zipped & Skipped:

Black Ribbon: